AI Planner of the Future

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) PLANNER OF THE FUTURE ambitious research program focuses on the increasing intertwining of technology and human aspects in the context of AI planning for supply chains and logistics. The European Supply Chain Forum (ESCF), the department Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences (IE&IS), the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI), and the Logistics Community Brabant signed a long-term collaboration agreement.

Reach out to us to be part of this ambitious research program with your data, challenges, and all AI planning-related questions!


The AI planner of the future program needs a broad range of research fields and a rich set of involved companies. We have both! We combine the extensive knowledge of researchers from all multi-disciplinary IE&IS domains and the real-life living labs of European Supply Chain Forum companies from diverse industries. All industries are involved: fast-moving consumer goods, omnichannel retailing, last-mile logistics, services, health, transport and mobility, high-tech industries, etc.

The research program is a unique research and valorization network. It combines 25 Artificial Intelligence researchers, 10 Ph.D. students, and over 50 Bachelor and Master students, for five years (2021-2026). This program is hosted by the TU/e-based Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences. It is supported by the European Supply Chain Forum, the Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, the Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute (EAISI), and Logistics Community Brabant.

There is more to AI in logistics than building algorithms to predict an outcome. The program’s strength lies in studying the people-AI-logistics interface with an interdisciplinary team.

Nevin Mutlu

Assistant Professor and Program Manager AI Planner of the Future

The transition towards a more data-driven supply chain and a more sustainable one should go hand in hand.

Laurens Bliek

Assistant Professor and Program Manager AI Planner of the Future

In research and industry contexts, we need to keep in mind how innovations around AI relate to digital society and sustainability challenges

Frauke Behrendt

Associate Professor and Program Manager AI Planner of the Future

A fantastic broad Research and Development program covering many essential aspects of Artificial Intelligence in a Supply Chain and Logistics setting.

Tom Van Woensel

Full professor and Project Lead AI Planner of the Future


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1 Learning about Customers: Demand Implications of Logistics-Related Decision-Making in B2B
2 Context matters: optimizing shared decision making in real-world forecasting and inventory management
3 AI-Based Replenishment and Order Fulfillment Strategies for Omnichannel Supply Chains
4 Food valorisation in sustainable supply chains
5 Digital Twins: An ingenious AI companion or an evil twin?
6 AI for sustainable last-mile delivery by micro mobility: a socio-technical perspective
7 Data-driven Optimization using Digital Twins for Sustainable Last-Mile Delivery
8 Online Supply Chain Planning
9 From feared competitor to trusted companion: understanding and enhancing trust in AI over time
10 Widening the frame: Rational choice beyond a given utility function
11 Human decision making in production planning systems: How do superior information and systematic bias impact the performance?
12 Data-driven robust optimization approach: theory and human decision-makers