Creating real value in the supply chain

About ESCF

ESCF is the leading collaboration forum in solving practical and scientific supply chain challenges by using technology and empowering talent, innovative thinking, and out-of-the-box solutions.
The ESCF ecosystem organizes interaction with her members to further develop knowledge in and around supply chains. Access to talent, our students and researchers, is crucial. In a non-competitive way and mutual trust, opportunities for the members of (cross-industry) to innovate are addressed. The researchers of ESCF are part of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences. Have a look at the research areas of the department and the researchers.



ESCF offers companies excellent students and supply chain professionals of TU/e to carry out projects, address innovations, create awareness of supply chains’ scientific and practical knowledge. Their competencies like innovative thinking, out-of-the-box solutions, and adaptiveness help companies further develop their business. They form the talent of our forum.


ESCF creates real value in the supply chain by generating, exchanging, and integrating scientific and practical supply chain knowledge.


The ESCF network is based on the spirit of trust and reliability. The network shares the best scientific and practical knowledge in a non-competitive way and by peer-to-peer contacts.

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ESCF news

25 year anniversary ESCF Evoluon Eindhoven

Review 25 year anniversary ESCF conference

November 24, 2021
Do you want to look back at the annual 25-year ESCF conference on future-proof supply chains? Watch the short video with atmospheric images (2.2 minutes). Nearly 80 professionals from supply chain companies met during the anniversary. They exchanged knowledge and bridged the gap between the professional and scientific side of Future-Proof Supply Chains. They met […]

A lot of interesting ongoing graduation projects via ESCF

November 17, 2021
From September on, several Master students started a graduation project at one of the industrial members of ESCF. Two students are working on their project at Bayer. The students look into machine data analytics for production performance and on the supply chain design for reducing supply chain risks. At Sabic two students fulfill the project of […]
Supervisors and PhD researchers of AI Planner of the Future

Kick-off AI Planner of the Future program on October 6th

October 20, 2021
The AI Planner of the Future program has officially started! On 6 October the AI team had a great kick-off event at the TU/e with the brand new PhD candidates and the program partners ESCF, EAISI, IE&IS and LCB.The teams expect that this collaboration will lead to exciting new insights and results on AI and […]


Our communities

ESCF ecosystem

To generate more value for the ESCF members, ESCF ecosystems extend into several communities: Customer-Driven Transformation (CDT), Data2Move, ESCF High Tech Community, and Servitization. Smaller players like SMEs and start-ups mainly participate in one of our communities, while full ESCF members participate in all communities. We allow start-ups, scale-ups, large and multinational organizations to join the ESCF ecosystem.


The Customer-Driven Transformation (CDT) community is the eco-system on the interface of the End-to-End Supply Chain. Academics and students collaborate with prominent industry partners to create network communities and deliver results that are both practically and scientifically relevant.


Data2Move is a community of people with a shared interest in data and logistics. The Data2Move companies – manufacturing, ict, and logistics service providers – collaborate with TU/e academics and students to deliver results that are both practically and scientifically relevant. Data2Move is where logistics meets data.


In the high-tech world the supply chains have to deal with the complexity of the products, long lead times of components, the speed with which research and development of new products require adaptations to supply chain relations, and the customer product configuration process. These characteristics bring some key challenges that the ESCF High Tech Community addresses.


Servitization implies a shift from a product-centric organization to a service-centric company. Our ambition is to create awareness of the servitization challenges, which are both technical and organizational in nature, and to provide solutions to overcome these challenges. By this, we aim to guide companies in their transition towards servitization in a sustainable and profitable way.