About ESCF

Harrie de Haas, ASML, Chairman of Advisory Board

We operate in a high-tech business-to-business environment in which we develop, manufacture and service micro-lithography equipment for the semi-conductor market. Our equipment uses state-of-the-art technology which is co-developed with a global partner network, for which short time to market is essential".

The complexity associated with the introduction of new technology, the globalization of our customers, our factories, and our co-development partners, as well as new trade regulations, create many new challenges for our supply chain and need the best brains to tackle them. In this context the ESCF platform, with the participation of leading companies in their fields and universities with world-class expertise in Supply Chain Management, working together in an informal setting, provides us with  excellent opportunities to share ideas, to compare best practices, to learn from each other and, where possible, to work together on shared challenges."


About ESCF

The European Supply Chain Forum (ESCF) is the premier Operations and Supply Chain Competence Center in Europe. We connect internationally ambitious companies with a focus on long-term partnerships. The ESCF offers an excellent opportunity to share problems and solutions in the area of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Members are able to share their thoughts with and learn from other multinational companies. We provide a global, interactive platform and facilitate joint projects and research. ESCF excels in SCM talent development and life-long learning.

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Target industry sector

  • Process industry (chemical and other)
  • Pharmaceutical industry / Health Care
  • Capital goods industry, especially service parts logistics
  • Retail & Internet / E-commerce
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Mass assembly
  • High-tech (consumer electronics, semiconductors, contract manufacturing, communications)
  • Logistics service providers



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