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We believe in keeping things simple. Even when they’re not. Integrating every element of the supply chain is essential, but not enough to realize the competitive edge we provide. We’ve evolved from a supply chain company to a market-driven, customer centric service organization.

Supply Chain Optimization
Delivering the right product at the right place, the right time and the right price. That’s what we call quality. We can only guarantee this quality by the matching of all the participants involved in production, delivery and sales. This involves sustaining and analyzing information feed-back loops throughout the entire chain, investing in long-term relationships, obtaining up-to-date market knowledge, using highly advanced software modeling and an awareness of customer experience.       
Optimizing the supply chain is essential to the success of new product introduction. Benefit from our intricate knowledge of markets from Western Europe to Eastern Russia. Whenever possible, we choose a regionalized approach. This means that our logistic process allows for the profitable packaging, transport and delivery of unique parcels for each end-consumer.           

Demand management
We’re combining manufacturer and supplier knowledge with retail and sales data to predict future demand. Such forecast-demand planning allows for collaboration between all parties involved. This results in reduced inventories throughout the supply chain, increased flexibility and a higher reliability of production. 
A Global Infrastructure
Our infrastructure (including strategically situated warehouses) comprises 26 European countries, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia.
Value Added Services
Our suite of Value added services includes:
• Labeling
• Pre-packaging
• Returns Handling
In addition to complying with all regulations, our services adhere to all international requirements in and between these countries. 

Customer Relations      
We strive for long-term relationships with our customers. Perhaps the best example is that of the American direct sales company Amway itself. We’ve been managing and optimizing Amway’s European supply chain since 1991. Our customer relations team’s top priority is delivering value to customers. Because of our limited size, we can afford a very personalized approach.     
Another aspect of customer relations is that of customer service. Most providers of logistical solutions deliver to the doorstep of the end-consumer. We, however, go the extra distance. Literally. Our Customer Relations department actually handles the satisfaction of your customers. Whether it is information providing or returns-administration, we are here to serve their needs. This includes handling the crediting of payments and the refurbishment or disposing of returns.


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